Portrait Photographer Cornwall:

Prints are viewed, ordered as required and paid for in full, immediately following the sitting.

The sitting fee is £30.00 which is paid at time of booking the sitting.

Print prices:

9″x6″(D) / 8″x6″                                    £15.00

12″x8″(D) / 10″x8″ /10″x7″              £30.00

12″x10″                                                    £40.00

15″x10″(D) / 14″x11″                          £50.00

18″x12″(D) / 16″x12″ / 15″x12″      £70.00

20″x16″                                                   £90.00

24″x20″ / 24″x16″(D)                        £130.00

30″x20″(D)                                            £145.00

45″x30″(D) / 40″x30″                       £175.00

(D) = No image crop.

Canvas Wraps prices:

24″x16″(D)                                               £150.00

36″x24″(D)                                               £189.00

Box canvas has 38mm depth.

At a discount, we offer to mount ten 10″x8″ photographs in an album for £225.00 which saves you 75.00 on the photographs plus the cost of the album which retails at £45.00

These are final prices with no additions; collected from the studio.

Prints take 7 to 10 days ; canvases 10 to 14 days.   Special arrangements can be made to shorten the lead time.

The sitting fee covers all individual and group photographs, including pets.

First, the images will be shown in full colour and selected ones can be viewed in black and white and sepia colour, if requested.

Prints are automatically printed on matt paper but gloss paper can be used instead, if requested.

8″x6″, 9″x6″ and 10″x8″ prints are supplied in mounts to fit. All other size prints are unmounted.

Your portrait sitting is priced for photography at the studio only.  For sittings at a different location the sitting fee will be fractionally more; contact us to obtain a quote.

The studio is pleased to offer a picture-framing service to all it’s customers. A large number of modern and classic chevrons are available to look at alongside your prints to help you make the best choice.

Finally, payment can be made using either cash,  most debit or credit cards.  Cheques are not accepted. 

For Wedding Photography Cornwall prices see ‘Wedding Prices’.

Wedding Prices.


Prices for wedding photography cornwall:

9″x6″ Print Packages are for 35, 40 or 50 prints with or without a wedding album and the option to purchase a cd with high resolution images, or not.

For 35 = £367.50  (£10.50 p.p.) ;  For 40 = £390.00 (£9.75 p.p.) ;  For 50 = £438.00 (£8.76 p.p.).

Each additional 9″x6″ reprint is £12.50

Studio wedding albums are bookbound taking a maximum of thirty 9″x6″ photos @ £128.75 or the larger version taking a max. of fifty 9″x6″ photos @ £150.00.  Album assembly is undertaken by the studio which is included in these prices. If an album is not required the photographs come supplied in mounts to fit.

A cd containing high resolution files is £100.00 per one. One wedding image is printed onto the surface of the cd and comes in a shell case.

Each album page has a single image mounted onto it.

There is one 12″x8″ Print Package for 50 images @ £565.00.  The bookbound album to hold this number is @ £198.00 and a cd with high res. files £100.00.   Each additional 12″x8″ reprint is £14.95

Alternatively, the studio can design a ‘storybook’ bookbound album with thirty 12″x8″pages containing fifty images @ £763.00;  a cd £100.00.

The abovementioned albums come in three colours – black, burgundy and silver. A stylish box is supplied for each one.

The prices stated are total prices with no added fees.

To make a definite booking a £250.00 deposit must be paid; this is part of the package price and is non-returnable. The remaining balance is payable 2 weeks before the wedding day.

If you wish, you may make a booking by cheque payment and the studio will confirm your booking when the funds have cleared.  Alternatively, the studio accepts cash and debit and/or credit cards payments. We will not accept a cheque payment for the remaining balance, only cash or card payments.

For portrait photography cornwall prices see ‘Portrait Prices’.



Portrait Photography Cornwall: Photographed the Women2Women Conference held by Newquay Christian Centre at their Wesley Campus, formerly Newquay Methodist Church on 16th and 17th. September 2011. This is the third year running I have had the opportunity to attend the evening meetings to photograph this event. The organisation of the conference was led by Mari Howarth from NCC with her team of helpers, young and old also from NCC.  Although prior booking is recommended to participate the numbers are magnified by on-the-spot day visitors. I would estimate there were approximately 125+ women 0n 17th. The theme given for the weekend was ‘Joy Unspeakable’. Speakers included Mari Howarth, Susan Warnke from Celebration of Hope Inc. Florida and Marion Meyers, pastor from River Church. There was live worship from the NCC band led by Hilary Cousins. The photography was taken from the balcony at the back of the church and mostly from a side aspect toward the worship band, speakers and performers; also shooting toward the worshippers. Before it’s official opening I photographed the registration and welcome drinks given out which were colourfully decorated with rainbow miniature umbrellas.  During both evenings I photographed the speakers, ‘Ignite’, a Christian youth dance group and a ballerina performances, two artist painters. See a few images below. The studio has previously undetaken wedding photographers cornwall at NCC – click on this link wedding photography cornwall. E&EO.

Wedding Photography Cornwall: If you are familiar with Seiners Hotel and restaurant in Perranporth you will recognise it in several of the photographs in the wedding photographs gallery.  The studio is pleased to be recommended by the hotel. We share a good working relationship and over the course of time during  past wedding appointments, the routine and time schedule has become second nature to me.  The hotel itself is sat on Perranporth beachfront and set in the hill at the foot of Cliff Road. Perranporth is a very popular holiday destination attracting multitudes of visitors during the summer months;  the beach, especially, is frequently densely populated with sun-baskers and surfers. On the subject of surfing,  you can make enquiries at the hotel surfing academy for lessons. Going back to weddings: Seiners can cater for a maximum of 80 guests sit-down and 150 for a buffet.  After the wedding ceremony I usually lead the way to the outside terrace for photographs, weather permitting.  There are views of the sea and beach and rocks which after the family and friends photos are reached down to by the hotel’s private stairway. Seiners website can be found at wwww.seiners.co.uk  Contact the studio to discuss your wedding photography at Seiners.

Portrait Photography Cornwall: On the evening of Sunday 4th.September 2011, Ignite made their premier performance at Newquay Christian Centre’s youth event known as NCounter. Ignite is a Christian dance group consisting of four girl dancers led by Rachel Poxon who is coach and main visionary.  The audience heartily applauded a most electrifying and worship-inspiring performance which was confirmed by Matt Timms, youth leader, who appeared quite awe-struck and promised a bright future for this new dymanic group.  Rachel, in a short interview by Matt,  spoke of their future hopes to have public performances in Newquay’s main shopping precinct. The evening was hosted by Matt Timms and Jamie Price, a apprentice youth leader from the Midlands.  Apart from Ignite the evening contained live worship from NCC’s home band and a message on witnessing by Mike Robyns , senior pastor. Youth of all ages are welcome to NCounter which meets once a month for Christian spiritual activity. A small contingent of NCC’s regular non-youth membership are also present for support. For further information about the activities of Newquay Christian Centre go to www. nccdream.com  I took promotional photos for Ignite which you can link to from Wedding Photography Cornwall Blog at the foot of the home page. For the home page click on this link wedding photography cornwall. E&EO

Studio Origins.


Wedding Photography Cornwall: Prior to February 1989 I had very little interest in the photography world. I owned a SLR film camera and had a basic understanding of how to use it but photography was far from being a pastime activity of mine.  One of the two photographers in Cheam, the local village, was Ken Beattie Photographics.  It was a few doors away from my father’s shop and so for convenience I visited Ken with my occasional roll of film for printing.  While filling a time gap at Dickens & Jones in Epsom, as a menswear salesman, Ken visited the store and came across my path. The result of that meeting and a further one a few days on back at the store cafe, was my commencement as his apprentice photographer and shop manager. For the next twelve years I had the privilege of learning wedding photography from a true professional and becoming an experienced manager able to maintain the regular workflow from day to day.  My next step onward was the formation of my own business which is still named Jeff Murton Studios to this day. It was a relief for Ken from a business aspect, that I decided to open a studio in East Sussex. On 31st. August 2000 I moved with family to Horam village which is 20 minutes drive from Eastbourne.  Seven good years followed for the business there until being called to the studio’s present premises in St.Columb Major Cornwall in January 2008. Apart from being a wedding photography and portrait photography cornwall studio, it has also branched out more into PR photography, surfing photography, etc… – see other blogs/news articles.

Wedding Photography Cornwall: The studio currently offers, with its portrait and wedding packages, three types of albums: The first is based on a mounting system where each print is fitted behind a mount which is measured exactly to the dimensions of the entire page.  The mounts are in a choice of colours, ie. brown, black, white, ivory, oyster, burgundy, blue and green.  The page or leaf that the mount is fitted on to has either a silver, gold or black taped edge around three sides of its perimeter, the fourth side attaches to the album spine. Interleaven tissues are positioned between pages. The albums for this system are mostly traditional  in style and use the highest quality materials. An album in this range would cost in the region of £185 to £260 (2011 price), not including the cost of the photographs, but including assembly. The standard spine width will permit up to forty-six 8″ x 6″ photographs. The second type of album is less expensive and is for those on a budget.  Albums in this category will cost from £129 to £198(2011 prices) containing no less than fifty 9″ x 6″ photographs.  There are no mounts and no interleaves.  The photographs stick on to pages each containing a self adhesive surface; a 2-3mm border is left around the photo.  The third type  is the storybook style album:  The images are presented in an array of different sizes as part of a unique design pattern.  No two albums will ever be the same.  There are no mounts or tissues. The design is undertaken by the album company and are the most expensive of the three album types.  Because the printing and design of the album are integral the package of fifty-five images presented in a storybook album will cost about £1000.  See an example of a storybook album on the website.

Wedding Photography Cornwall: Jeff Murton Studios is located in Fair Street which is an extension of Fore Street. It is roughly at a midway point of the main street through the centre of town. St.Columb Major has a thriving community which is steadily growing with the advent of new housing developments and the arrival of a large superstore on the horizon, close by.  As at August 2011 the parish council inform us that there are 1215 households and 3855 residents. The town boasts its own library, town hall, fire station, primary school or now academy, parish church and bellringers, football club, young farmers club and (bobby) local police officer.  There are two banks, two traditional butchers, a coop, two estate agents, post office, pet shop, Boots pharmacy, three public houses, a flourist, card/gift shop, hardware shop, television/electronics shop, tea rooms, three hair salons, printers, antique shop, general store, financial advisors, sandwich bar and photographers – that’s me!  The community has two rooms/halls with adjoining kitchen and cloakroom facilities for general use known as the Columba Centre.  There are three car parks in town and one large free car park just outside of town three minutes walk away. Every year a large contingent of the community and many holiday makers gather for the hurling of The Silver Ball:  This is a historical event, when locals and townies scramble against one another in pursuit of a hand-sized heavy silver ball; the possessor of the ball attempts to stride the main street while fending off opposition who carelessly attempt to rugby-tackle him to the ground to obtain the same. It officially might not be as I have described and I apologise if I have upset anyone for my inadequate description.  Another annual event is the town carnival. You can see a few images of this event and The Silver Ball on my portrait photography cornwall page. E&OE.

Portrait Photographer Cornwall:  Visit our premises in St.Columb Major to obtain your high quality passport photographs using full studio lighting.

Normally, you can walk out with them, in hand, in approximately ten minutes.

The total cost is £6.50 for four prints.

The photographs we supply which you may submit with your passport application meet the following strict criteria stated by the Passport Office:-

  • show you with a neutral expression and your mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  • show you on your own (babies should not have toys or a dummy, and there shouldn’t be other people in the photo)
  • be in colour, not black and white
  • be identical
  • be taken within the last month
  • be 45 millimetres high x 35 millimetres wide – this is the standard size when you have a passport photo taken in a photo booth or studio (you should not trim a larger photograph to meet this condition)
  • be clear and in sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and the background
  • be taken against a plain cream or plain light grey background
  • not show you with red-eye
  • be of you facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • not be torn, creased, or marked 
  • be printed on plain white photographic paper
  • be free from shadows
  • be taken with your eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or tinted glasses and no hair across your eyes)
  • be free from reflection or glare on your glasses, and the frames must not cover your eyes – the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) recommends that, if possible, you remove your glasses
  • be professionally printed (photographs printed at home are not acceptable)
  • show your full head, without any head covering, unless you wear one for religious beliefs or medical reasons
  • be taken with nothing covering your face – you should make sure nothing covers the outline of your eyes, nose or mouth
  • be a close-up of your head and shoulders with a recommended head height (the distance between the bottom of your chin and the crown of your head) between 29 and 34 mm
  • not have any writing on the front or back, except on certified photos – trademarks or photographic printing on the back must not show through.

The studio is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-5;   Saturday 9-12 noon. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

You can phone 01637 881246 to make an appointment or come straight to the studio.

Jeff Murton Studios professional wedding photography cornwall; portrait photography cornwall.