Portrait Prices.


Portrait Photographer Cornwall:

Prints are viewed, ordered as required and paid for in full, immediately following the sitting.

The sitting fee is £30.00 which is paid at time of booking the sitting.

Print prices:

9″x6″(D) / 8″x6″                                    £15.00

12″x8″(D) / 10″x8″ /10″x7″              £30.00

12″x10″                                                    £40.00

15″x10″(D) / 14″x11″                          £50.00

18″x12″(D) / 16″x12″ / 15″x12″      £70.00

20″x16″                                                   £90.00

24″x20″ / 24″x16″(D)                        £130.00

30″x20″(D)                                            £145.00

45″x30″(D) / 40″x30″                       £175.00

(D) = No image crop.

Canvas Wraps prices:

24″x16″(D)                                               £150.00

36″x24″(D)                                               £189.00

Box canvas has 38mm depth.

At a discount, we offer to mount ten 10″x8″ photographs in an album for £225.00 which saves you 75.00 on the photographs plus the cost of the album which retails at £45.00

These are final prices with no additions; collected from the studio.

Prints take 7 to 10 days ; canvases 10 to 14 days.   Special arrangements can be made to shorten the lead time.

The sitting fee covers all individual and group photographs, including pets.

First, the images will be shown in full colour and selected ones can be viewed in black and white and sepia colour, if requested.

Prints are automatically printed on matt paper but gloss paper can be used instead, if requested.

8″x6″, 9″x6″ and 10″x8″ prints are supplied in mounts to fit. All other size prints are unmounted.

Your portrait sitting is priced for photography at the studio only.  For sittings at a different location the sitting fee will be fractionally more; contact us to obtain a quote.

The studio is pleased to offer a picture-framing service to all it’s customers. A large number of modern and classic chevrons are available to look at alongside your prints to help you make the best choice.

Finally, payment can be made using either cash,  most debit or credit cards.  Cheques are not accepted. 

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