Wedding Prices.


Prices for wedding photography cornwall:

9″x6″ Print Packages are for 35, 40 or 50 prints with or without a wedding album and the option to purchase a cd with high resolution images, or not.

For 35 = £367.50  (£10.50 p.p.) ;  For 40 = £390.00 (£9.75 p.p.) ;  For 50 = £438.00 (£8.76 p.p.).

Each additional 9″x6″ reprint is £12.50

Studio wedding albums are bookbound taking a maximum of thirty 9″x6″ photos @ £128.75 or the larger version taking a max. of fifty 9″x6″ photos @ £150.00.  Album assembly is undertaken by the studio which is included in these prices. If an album is not required the photographs come supplied in mounts to fit.

A cd containing high resolution files is £100.00 per one. One wedding image is printed onto the surface of the cd and comes in a shell case.

Each album page has a single image mounted onto it.

There is one 12″x8″ Print Package for 50 images @ £565.00.  The bookbound album to hold this number is @ £198.00 and a cd with high res. files £100.00.   Each additional 12″x8″ reprint is £14.95

Alternatively, the studio can design a ‘storybook’ bookbound album with thirty 12″x8″pages containing fifty images @ £763.00;  a cd £100.00.

The abovementioned albums come in three colours – black, burgundy and silver. A stylish box is supplied for each one.

The prices stated are total prices with no added fees.

To make a definite booking a £250.00 deposit must be paid; this is part of the package price and is non-returnable. The remaining balance is payable 2 weeks before the wedding day.

If you wish, you may make a booking by cheque payment and the studio will confirm your booking when the funds have cleared.  Alternatively, the studio accepts cash and debit and/or credit cards payments. We will not accept a cheque payment for the remaining balance, only cash or card payments.

For portrait photography cornwall prices see ‘Portrait Prices’.


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