Wedding & Portrait Albums.


Wedding Photography Cornwall: The studio currently offers, with its portrait and wedding packages, three types of albums: The first is based on a mounting system where each print is fitted behind a mount which is measured exactly to the dimensions of the entire page.  The mounts are in a choice of colours, ie. brown, black, white, ivory, oyster, burgundy, blue and green.  The page or leaf that the mount is fitted on to has either a silver, gold or black taped edge around three sides of its perimeter, the fourth side attaches to the album spine. Interleaven tissues are positioned between pages. The albums for this system are mostly traditional  in style and use the highest quality materials. An album in this range would cost in the region of £185 to £260 (2011 price), not including the cost of the photographs, but including assembly. The standard spine width will permit up to forty-six 8″ x 6″ photographs. The second type of album is less expensive and is for those on a budget.  Albums in this category will cost from £129 to £198(2011 prices) containing no less than fifty 9″ x 6″ photographs.  There are no mounts and no interleaves.  The photographs stick on to pages each containing a self adhesive surface; a 2-3mm border is left around the photo.  The third type  is the storybook style album:  The images are presented in an array of different sizes as part of a unique design pattern.  No two albums will ever be the same.  There are no mounts or tissues. The design is undertaken by the album company and are the most expensive of the three album types.  Because the printing and design of the album are integral the package of fifty-five images presented in a storybook album will cost about £1000.  See an example of a storybook album on the website.


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