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Portrait Photographer Cornwall: Prints are viewed, ordered as required and paid for in full, immediately following the sitting. The sitting fee is £30.00 which is paid at time of booking the sitting. Print prices: 9″x6″(D) / 8″x6″                                    £15.00 12″x8″(D) / 10″x8″ /10″x7″              £30.00 12″x10″                                                    £40.00 15″x10″(D) / 14″x11″                          £50.00 18″x12″(D) / 16″x12″ / 15″x12″      £70.00 […]

Wedding Prices.


Prices for wedding photography cornwall: 9″x6″ Print Packages are for 35, 40 or 50 prints with or without a wedding album and the option to purchase a cd with high resolution images, or not. For 35 = £367.50  (£10.50 p.p.) ;  For 40 = £390.00 (£9.75 p.p.) ;  For 50 = £438.00 (£8.76 p.p.). Each additional 9″x6″ […]



Portrait Photography Cornwall: Photographed the Women2Women Conference held by Newquay Christian Centre at their Wesley Campus, formerly Newquay Methodist Church on 16th and 17th. September 2011. This is the third year running I have had the opportunity to attend the evening meetings to photograph this event. The organisation of the conference was led by Mari Howarth from NCC […]

Wedding Photography Cornwall: If you are familiar with Seiners Hotel and restaurant in Perranporth you will recognise it in several of the photographs in the wedding photographs gallery.  The studio is pleased to be recommended by the hotel. We share a good working relationship and over the course of time during  past wedding appointments, the routine and time schedule has become second nature to […]

Portrait Photography Cornwall: On the evening of Sunday 4th.September 2011, Ignite made their premier performance at Newquay Christian Centre’s youth event known as NCounter. Ignite is a Christian dance group consisting of four girl dancers led by Rachel Poxon who is coach and main visionary.  The audience heartily applauded a most electrifying and worship-inspiring performance which was confirmed […]

Studio Origins.


Wedding Photography Cornwall: Prior to February 1989 I had very little interest in the photography world. I owned a SLR film camera and had a basic understanding of how to use it but photography was far from being a pastime activity of mine.  One of the two photographers in Cheam, the local village, was Ken Beattie Photographics.  It was a few doors away from my father’s […]

Wedding Photography Cornwall: The studio currently offers, with its portrait and wedding packages, three types of albums: The first is based on a mounting system where each print is fitted behind a mount which is measured exactly to the dimensions of the entire page.  The mounts are in a choice of colours, ie. brown, black, white, […]