Portrait Photography Cornwall: Photographed the Women2Women Conference held by Newquay Christian Centre at their Wesley Campus, formerly Newquay Methodist Church on 16th and 17th. September 2011. This is the third year running I have had the opportunity to attend the evening meetings to photograph this event. The organisation of the conference was led by Mari Howarth from NCC with her team of helpers, young and old also from NCC.  Although prior booking is recommended to participate the numbers are magnified by on-the-spot day visitors. I would estimate there were approximately 125+ women 0n 17th. The theme given for the weekend was ‘Joy Unspeakable’. Speakers included Mari Howarth, Susan Warnke from Celebration of Hope Inc. Florida and Marion Meyers, pastor from River Church. There was live worship from the NCC band led by Hilary Cousins. The photography was taken from the balcony at the back of the church and mostly from a side aspect toward the worship band, speakers and performers; also shooting toward the worshippers. Before it’s official opening I photographed the registration and welcome drinks given out which were colourfully decorated with rainbow miniature umbrellas.  During both evenings I photographed the speakers, ‘Ignite’, a Christian youth dance group and a ballerina performances, two artist painters. See a few images below. The studio has previously undetaken wedding photographers cornwall at NCC – click on this link wedding photography cornwall. E&EO.


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